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In recent years, millions have watched Mixed Martial Arts take mainstream audiences by storm and earn the reputation of the fastest growing sport in the world. With MMA’s fast rising popularity, many around the world have adopted their favorite fighters, organizations and some have decided to test their skills as fighters themselves. This ever-growing popularity leaves these fans, trainers, competitors and enthusiasts in search of the ultimate web-site experience to cater to their specific MMA needs.

CagedforLIFE.com is dedicated to providing the latest MMA news, fighter interviews, multimedia nutrition tips, tricks and ideas that will prove to be beneficial to all fans and participants of the sport. We at CagedforLIFE.com have long track records as professional journalists, and hold ourselves to very high standards and values. We are not about putting our competition down and always stride toward professional excellence, integrity and honesty. Our goals are to be the number one MMA fan site on the Web, and to become the ultimate one-stop spot to provide you with everything you need to better enjoy the sport that has begun to take over the globe.

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UFC 94 Participant Karo “The Heat” Parisyan Tests Positive For Prescription Pain Killers

Posted 3:19 p.m. MST, Feb. 10
By CagedforLIFE.com Staff
Karo Parisyan


Karo Parisyan
Flunks drug test

According to an email sent to CagedforLIFE.com today by Keith Kizer of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Karo “The Heat” Parisyan tested positive for Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone and Oxymorphone. All three prescription painkillers are banned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

“We obviously don’t know anything about it,” said Ricky Kottenstette, the Director of Jackson’s MMA, where Parisyan spent some time training for his last UFC bout on January 31, 2009. “They have their own personal lives and we don’t get into that. We aren’t involved with their nutrition or what they eat or anything like that, that’s their individual decision as an athlete and we didn’t know anything about it,” Kottenstette said. “He is one of the guys that works out here with Greg, and we definitely stand behind him,” he added.

Kizer assured CagedforLIFE.com that “this will be treated like other drug cases.”

Parisyan, who is 19-5 in his professional Mixed Martial Arts career, won a split-decision victory over Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 94 “St. Pierre vs. Penn 2,” giving him his first win since his loss to Thiago Alves in April, 2008.

Other fighters who were tested included Georges St. Pierre, BJ Penn, Lyoto Machida, Thiago Silva, Clay Guida, Nate Diaz, Stephan Bonnar, Jon Jones, Jake O’Brien, John Howard and Thiago Tavares. All other results came back negative.

Spot: WEC Brown vs Garcia, March 1

CagedforLIFE.com Nominated as Best Fight Coverage Website of 2008 in New Mexico’s First MMA Award Show!

Poster for "Albuquerque MMA award show Posted 8:01 p.m. MST, Jan. 20
By CagedforLIFE.com Staff

The magazine “Albuquerque MMA” has announced the nominees for the first Mixed Martial Arts award show to be held in the state of New Mexico. The nominees were chosen based on fan emails sent to their Website, and they were officially announced early this week. CagedforLIFE.com’s official New Mexico partner site, NewMexicoFight.com, was also nominated in the category. Other categories include: Best Overall MMA Team, Best MMA Role Model, Best MMA Pro Show, and many more.

The award ceremony will be held Feb. 7 at the Wool Warehouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tickets can be purchased at the magazine’s website, OTM Fight Shop (Albuquerque) or Fitness Kicks (Albuquerque). For more information on “Albuquerque MMA” or the Award Show, please contact Marcos at 505-908-1801.

Frank Gomez Ready For WEC Debut

Reach advantage, cardio training give him edge, fighter says

Posted 12:14 a.m. MST, Jan. 20
By CagedforLIFE.com Staff

Albuquerque native and Team Jackson fighter Frank Gomez will make his WEC debut on January 25, when he takes on Scott Jorgensen at “WEC 39: Varner vs. Cerrone.” The young and ambitious fighter, who holds a perfect record (6-0), makes the jump up to the WEC after just six professional fights.

Gomez told CagedforLIFE.com that although he does have just a few professional fights, he feels confident that he belongs in the WEC. “I feel like I can compete with the best. That’s why I’m here,” Gomez said.

“I do feel like I lack some experience compared to some of the top guys in my weight division like Miguel Torres and Jeff Curran, but Greg [world-famous Coach Greg Jackson] is very confident in me, so that boosts my confidence level that much more,” he added. Gomez, who was a Division II wrestler at San Francisco State, discovered Mixed Martial Arts in San Francisco during the wrestling off-season. “After season, I met some guys who had wrestled at San Francisco State, but they were now training at the Fairtex academy,” Gomez said. “I went in to wrestle, then got into Jiu Jitsu and then I started working on my Muay Thai. After a while I fell in love with MMA and faded out of wrestling. I had been wrestling since I was five and I kind of just lost my interest. I felt MMA was perfect for me.”

Gomez continued to brush up his MMA skills in California before deciding to move back home to Albuquerque and begin training at Greg Jackson’s academy.

Gomez was scouted by the WEC shortly after making the move to Jackson’s academy, but Jackson advised him to fight a couple smaller shows before making the move up. “Greg wanted me to get two fights in under the team before I made the move up, so he could see how I react in life situations,” Gomez said.

Although most fighters might have jumped on the opportunity to fight for an organization as respected as the WEC, Gomez had faith in what Jackson had planned for him, and he listened to his coach. “I thought it was smart of Greg not to have me jump in because at the time, I only had four fights.”

Gomez went on to win the two bouts under Coach Jackson, and both fighter and coach feel that he is now ready to take on Jorgensen at WEC 39 and prove to the world that he belongs with the best. “I know Jorgensen is underestimating me,” Gomez said. “He said ‘I have nothing for him.’ I’m going to prove who I am to him, and I’m going to prove that I belong in the WEC.”

Jorgensen has competed twice in the WEC, with one bout ending via unanimous decision in favor of his opponent, Damacio Page, who is also a Team Jackson member. Gomez feels that training with Page will give him a big advantage in his bout against Jorgensen. “I feel like I have some advantages having Damacio here in the gym with me every day,” Gomez said. “He has definitely given me tips about Jorgensen’s style, and he has told me what he thinks will work against Jorgensen, and what worked for him in their fight.” Gomez says that he even feels comfortable utilizing a game plan similar to the one Page used in his fight against Jorgensen. “I think I’m going to pretty much have the same game plan, he was getting off first on both the ground and feet, and that’s what I’ll look to do,” Gomez said.

The height and reach advantage that Gomez has over Jorgensen will also play a big factor in the way the fight will go, and Gomez said that he has no problem exploiting any holes that reach advantage will make in Jorgensen’s game. “I really plan on using my reach and my height advantage on him. I have six inches of reach on him or so, and I’m really going to use that in my game,” Gomez said. “To take me down, he’s going to have to get under my punches,” he said, laughing.

Gomez said that with his reach advantage and his preparation for Jorgensen’s notoriously fast-paced fights, he feels confident that he will walk out of the cage still holding an unblemished record. “I think it’s going to be really high-paced,” Gomez said. “I think he’s going to come at me hard. He always comes at a high pace and he comes fast, but I’m not really planning on having a big feeling-out process. I’m planning on going, and going hard.”

Gomez said that he has really stepped up his cardio training to prepare for this fight, and has even adopted the same cardio training that teammate and new UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans used to prepare for his bout against Forrest Griffin. “I have really kicked up my cardio. I have been doing the cardio workout [at Jackson’s] at seven in the morning. It’s actually the same workout that Rashad was doing for his fight against Forrest, so I feel that it’s going to help with my cardio and strength in the fight.”

Gomez will head out to San Diego with Team Jackson this Wednesday, and prepare for his war on Sunday, January 25. Fellow Team Jackson member Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will take on Jamie Varner for the WEC Lightweight Title in the night’s Main Event. Gomez is excited to make his mark in the WEC, and he promises an entertaining fight. “I’m going to come hard. I’m ready for war, and I hope he’s ready.”

Check out “WEC:39 Varner vs. Cerrone” Live on the Versus Network Sunday at 9:30 PM ET.

King of Kings Results

King of Kings event poster

John Craycraft vs. Michael Craycraft: Michael Craycraft wins in the first round via Knockout

Darnel Foster vs. Jesus Lopez: Jesus Lopez wins in the first round via TKO

Matt Gross vs. Adam Borega: Bout ends in a Draw

Darian Allen vs. Saul Garcia: Saul Garcia wins in the first round via Submission

JR Sotelo vs. Brent Buzinshis: JR. Sotelo wins via Majority Decision

Guto Feliciano vs. Armando Herrera: Guto Feliciano wins via Majority Decision

Gilbert Garcia vs. Abel Garcia: Garcia wins in the first round via Submission

Candido Andizola vs. Chris Golden: Andizola wins in the first round via Tapout

Frank Gamboa vs. Javier Saenz: Saenz wins in the third round via Referee Stoppage

Resen Messer vs. Anselmo Martinez: Martinez wins in the first round via Referee Stoppage

Two Titles on the Line at WEC 39!

Posted 5:29 p.m. MST, Jan. 14
By CagedforLIFE.com Staff

“I am going to be the champ”
--Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia
Leonard Garcia will face Mike Brown

Leonard Garcia
Will face Mike Brown

The WEC officially announced today that they will make their Texas debut on March 1, 2009, when they invade the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi. The event, which will be aired on the Versus Network, will feature two title fights, including a bout between Team Jackson fighter Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia (12-3 overall, and 2-0 in the WEC) and the recently crowned Featherweight Champion Mike Brown (20-4 overall, and 2-0 in the WEC), who won the title after knocking out long-time tile holder Urijah Faber in just 2:23 of the first round at WEC 36. Brown has won his last eight bouts, and looks for his first title defense when the two meet up in March.

Garcia has knocked out his last two opponents in the first round, including a shocking knockout of former UFC Champion Jens “Little Evil” Pulver, making his WEC career a total of just 2:43.

Garcia tells CagedforLIFE.com that he is more than ready for this fight, and looks forward to meeting Brown in March. “I am going to be the champ,” Garcia said. “My prediction is that I’m always going to bring the fight. I don’t care if Mike doesn’t go down in a minute and a half, I don’t care if he doesn’t go down in five minutes. I don’t care if he makes it through the whole 25 minutes. I just want him to know that from bell to bell I’m going to bring the fight. That’s my prediction, it’s punishment for five rounds.”

As far as any direct comments for Brown, Garcia had this to say: “Mike, I think you are a tough guy, man, and I think you are a great fighter. In March when we meet up, I hope you bring everything you have to the table because I’m bringing everything I’ve got. Regardless of which of us wins that night, we probably will see each other again and every time we meet up you are going to get the best Leonard Garcia, and I can’t wait.”

The night will also feature a bout between Carlos Condit (23-4 overall, and 5-0 in the WEC) and Brock Larson (24-2 overall, and 4-1 in the WEC). This will be the second match-up between the two, Condit defeated Larson via Arm Bar submission when they met up at WEC 29 in 2007. The fight was Larson’s only loss in the WEC and he will look to redeem it March 1.

Ian McCall vs. Dominick Cruz

Interview and Analysis

By CagedforLIFE.com Staff
Ian McCall
Courtesy of www.wec.tv

In what will be an amazing night of fights at “WEC 38: Varner vs. Cerrone,” one bout in particular stand out for the CagedforLIFE.com staff. In one of the preliminary bouts of the evening, the very tough Ian McCall (6-1-0) will face off against Dominick Cruz (11-1-0), who is coming off of his unanimous decision victory over Charlie Valencia at WEC 34 last June.

McCall, whose only loss was to Valencia at “WEC 31: Faber vs. Curran” last December, is looking forward to his fight against Cruz, and told CagedforLIFE.com that although Cruz may be the “more experienced fighter on paper,” he is ready for this bout, and he doesn’t think that Cruz’s experience “will play a factor at all.”

We at CagedforLIFE.com can’t help but look at the common denominator between these two fighters, Charlie Valencia. Cruz was not able to put away Valencia when they met last June, but he did manage to pull out the win in what was a very impressive fight. McCall, on the other hand, fell victim to a tight Guillotine Choke that stopped his match-up with Valencia in just 3:19 of the first round.

“If our fights with Charlie gave preview to our upcoming fight, then I’d be fuc*ed,” McCall told CagedforLIFE.com. “I’m pretty sure this fight is going to be very different from my fight with Charlie. I have had more than a week to get ready for it, and I’ll be in top form. I’m sure he is too, so we will put on a good show.”

McCall considers himself to be a very versatile fighter, but he’s shown greater strength in being able to win his bouts either via KO or TKO, with only one of his six victories coming by way of submission. Despite the statistics, McCall is confident that he can and “will” submit Cruz in this fight. “Everyone knows my game plan for the fight, it’s no secret. I’m going to take him down and feed him my elbows, and then submit him,” McCall said. “The time in between the start and when I get him to the ground is when I’ll get to show my stand up, and all my other fun tricks that I haven’t had much chance to show.”

Although McCall is confident that he will pull out a win, he admits that this is a great fight on paper, and as far as predictions go, McCall had this to say: “My prediction for the fight is me having fun getting to hurt some one finally, beating the holly hell out of Dominick; and I’m sure him shelling out some beating my way too. Us putting on a good show, and me finishing him as fast as I can and having my hand raised at the end with a big smile on my face like this :)!! Then I’ll buy him a beer and maybe hook him up with one of my girlfriend’s easy friends,” McCall said with a laugh.

Beer or no beer, this could very well be the fight of the night, which says a lot when you have Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone taking on Jamie Varner for the WEC Lightweight Championship title a little later in the evening. In order to assure a victory, Cruz MUST NOT underestimate Ian McCall, and he needs to push for a decisive victory. Although Cruz has five knockouts on his record, he also has five wins via decision, and this will be one fight he wants to leave out of the judges’ hands. McCall needs to avoid submissions, and push the pace of the fight as well. Regardless of who wins, fans should look forward to some great MMA action when these two meet up.

Name: Dominick Cruz
Record: 11-1-0
Weight: 145lbs
Birth Date: 9/3/1985
City: Tucson
Country: USA

Professional Record:

Opponent Result Method Event Date Round Time
Charlie Valencia Win Decision: Unanimous WEC - 34 6/1/2008 3 5:00
Kenneth Aimes Win KO Total Combat 27 3/22/20008 1 N/A
Urijah Faber Loss Submission: Guillotine WEC - 26 3/24/2007 1 1:38
Shad Smith Win Decision Total Combat 18 - Nightmare 11/4/2006 3 5:00
Juan Miranda Win Submission: Rear Naked Choke Total Combat 16-Annihilation 9/9/2006 1 4:00
Dave Hisquierdo Win Decision: Split Total Combat 15 7/15/2006 3 N/A
Michael Barney Win TKO RITC 79 2/24/2006 1 2:45
Nick Hedrick Win Decision: Unanimous RITC 75 9/30/2005 3 3:00
Josh Donahue Win TKO RITC 74 9/10/2005 2 1:09
Tom Schwager Win TKO RITC 73 8/6/2005 1 0:56
Rosco McClellan Win TKO RITC 70 6/11/2005 2 1:26
Eddie Castro Win Decision: Split RITC 67 1/29/2005 3 3:00

Name: Ian McCall
Record: 7-1-0
Weight: 145lbs
Birth Date:
City: San Clemente
Country: USA

Professional Record:

Opponent Result Method Event Date Round Time
Kevin Dunsmor Win Decision: Unanimous Total Combat 32 10/2/2008 3 N/A
Charlie Valencia Loss Submission: Guillotine WEC 31 - Faber vs. Curran 12/12/2007 1 3:19
Coty OX Wheeler Win TKO WEC - 30 9/5/2007 3 4:34
Rick McKorkal Win TKO BITB - Summerfist 2007 6/28/2007 1 0:13
Chris David Win Decision Total Combat 15 7/15/2006 3 N/A
Musa Tolliver Win TKO WFC - Rumble at the Ramada 12/8/2005 2 N/A
Chris Acevedo Win TKO Crown Fighting 1 9/4/2004 1 N/A
Jerry Samson Win Submission: Rear Naked Choke Warriors Quest 6 Beast of the Beast 8/3/2002 2 2:32

Interview With Jahani Curl, Co-founder Of Machi Sports Entertainment

Contributed by NewMexicoFIGHT.com


1. How long has Machi Sports been in business?
Machi has been in business since January of 2008.

2. How did Machi Sports get started?
Mike Van Arsdale approached me to see if I was interested in assisting athletes with sponsorships and contract negotiations. We saw there was a void that needed to be filled.

3. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
Prior to starting Machi Sports and Entertainment I ran a multimillion-dollar automotive corporation.

4. You are a well-known figure in the New Mexico MMA scene. How long have you been involved with MMA?
I have been an avid MMA fan for many years and roughly two years ago I decided to take privates with Mr. Greg Jackson, and my love for the sport grew tenfold. In my opinion, Mixed Martial Arts is the greatest sport in the world.

5. What is the vision of Machi Sports?
We at Machi Sports think outside of the box! We strive to bring new companies to the MMA scene and maximize our sponsors’ exposure and build strong, fruitful relationships between our clients and our sponsors.

6. What do you think about MMA in New Mexico?
New Mexico is the Mecca of MMA. We have the best school in the world (Jackson’s) and the best coaches. Greg Jackson, Mike Winklejohn and Chris Latrell are truly the best coaches.

You have athletes like Joey Villasenor, Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, Damacio Page, George St. Pierre, Frank Gomez, Donald Cerrone and Leonard Garcia all training in Albuquerque because this is where you will get the best training.

7. You manage quite a few high-profile clients including Joey Villasenor, Damacio Page, and Frank Gomez. How did you build these relationships?
By being honest and putting the athletes first. I don’t try to be in the limelight. I like to stay behind the scene and maximize all the exposure for my clients. They are the true rock stars.

8. What are the challenges of being a sports manager?
The challenges that … have occurred so far are dealing with dishonest promoters and dishonest sponsors.

With the sport being so new it attracts a lot of people that see this sport as a get-rich scheme, and I can’t stand dealing with people like that.

9. What is your greatest achievement thus far in your career?
My greatest achievement is getting Damacio Page and Frank Gomez signed to a major organization-WEC.

10. What can a media outlet like www.NewMexicoFIGHT.com do to help MMA in New Mexico or MMA in general?
It is great to have a media outlet like NewMexicoFIGHT.com because it gives my athletes the opportunity to get local exposure.

11. What is the scoop on New Mexico’s Joey Villasenor? When will we see him return to action?
You will see Joey in action very soon, so stayed tuned...

13. Anybody that you would like to thank at this time?
Yep… I would like to thank our sponsors Buffalo Wild Wings, Special Effects, Tapout, Killit, Heavy Hands, Jesus Didn’t Tap and Lexani Wheels.

Machi Sports Entertainment logo

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Posted 11:08 a.m. MST, Dec. 30
By Robert Casaus

As we begin our second week as an established website, I can’t help but reflect on what it has taken to get C4L to where we are today. CagedforLIFE.com is the result of hundreds of hours of hard work, countless sacrifices, dedication, and passion of what we do. As the time has passed we have developed an outstanding team, built strong partnerships, made new friends and have been truly blessed to meet and write about some of the best fighters our sport has to offer.

As of this morning, I am proud to announce that CagedforLIFE.com has passed the 15,000 hit mark, and that number continues to rise by the hour. Your support of our site is greatly appreciated, and I encourage all of you to check back daily. As we continue to grow, we will offer you, the fan, more of what you deserve when you search for the Caged For Life experience.

I also ask that you stay involved in what we have to offer the sport. This is your site, and we have put our hearts, time, and souls into creating the perfect spot for you. We are working on some great pages, and each and every one of them is open for you to get involved in. Our nutrition page is a great place for you guys to tell us how you stay fit, what you guys do to cut weight, or even what you like to eat while in training. We have an events page for you, and in the eyes of C4L there is no event that is too small to be published. City grappling tournaments, school kick-boxing events, or city MMA cards are all worthy of being publicized. Please feel free to send us anything that is going on in your city on this page, and we would be happy to post it to our site.

Our Vice-President and Chief of Operations, Scott Tillman, is always available for anything you guys need. He is very passionate about our fans, and equally passionate about making sure the site runs smoothly. I have learned a great deal from Scott, and have the utmost faith that he will help take CagedforLIFE.com to the top.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the new UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World “Sugar” Rashad Evans on his victory over a very tough Forrest Griffin. The new Interim Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir, also deserves a pat on the back for both his victory and his recovery. We all watched the Frank Mir of old on Saturday, and it reminded me what a true champion is made of.

As for the official C4L Launch Party, I couldn’t be more pleased. We successfully launched the site, and had a great time doing it. I wasn’t sure what our turnout would be like, and was very pleased when we reached capacity almost two hours before the event was scheduled to begin. I have to thank Buffalo Wild Wings of Albuquerque for allowing us to host the party in their facilities, and for treating us with the highest possible hospitality. To our sponsors: The party wouldn’t have been possible without you. I’d like to thank Heavy Hands Knockout Wear for being on site, and for giving away clothes to the fans. Leonard Kagan Photography thank you for taking our pictures and for donating the signed memorabilia. LA Boxing, Max Muscle of Albuquerque, Machi Sports, Words and Images Design, and Juan Romero Promotions you are all greatly appreciated as well.

Finally, I would like to ask all of our fans to visit NewMexicoFIGHT.com.

Albuquerque is one of the biggest fight towns in our great nation, and NewMexicoFIGHT.com is dedicated to providing you with the latest MMA news that comes out of the Land of Enchantment. When we began our journey, we knew that we had to build partnerships in New Mexico and after searching a few different sites, we had faith that NewMexicoFIGHT.com was the perfect fit. It was one of the few sites in New Mexico that shared our values of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership. So thank you again to all of the fans, we truly do appreciate you.

Robert Casaus

CagedforLIFE.com Launch Party

Dec. 27, Buffalo Wild Wings, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Partygoers and restaurant staff mug for the camera Partygoers and restaurant staff mug for the camera.

View of restaurant The fights were shown on 50+ plasma screens with audio blasting through the entire restaurant and bar.

CagedforLIFE.com and NewMexicoFIGHT.com staff After the fights, several items were raffled off. Left to right: Scott Tillman and Robert Casaus of CagedforLIFE.com; Jesus Prairie of NewMexicoFIGHT.com.

Robert Casaus and Scott Tillman Robert Casaus and Scott Tillman get worked up as yet another fight ends in a TKO.

UFC 92 Quick Results

Rashad Evans defeats Forrest Griffin via TKO (strikes) in Round 3 to become UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

Frank Mir defeats Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira via technical knockout in Round 2 to become UFC Interim Heavyweight Champion

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson defeats Wanderlei Silva via KO (strikes) Round 1

Cheick Kongo defeats Mustafa Al-Turk via TKO (strikes) Round 1

CB Dollaway defeats Mike Massenzio via TKO (strikes) Round 1

Yushin Okami defeats Dean Lister via unanimous decision

Antoni Hardonk defeats Mike Wessel via TKO (strikes) Round 2

Matt Hamill defeats Reese Andy via TKO (strikes) Round 2

Brad Blackburn defeats Ryo Chonan via unanimous decision

Pat Barry defeats Dan Evensen via TKO (strikes) Round 1

CagedforLIFE.com UFC 92 Analysis & Predictions

Posted 9:45 p.m. MST, Dec. 26
By Scott Tillman

UFC 92 features an electrifying night of fights featuring some of the world’s premier fighters. (See the card for the featured fights below)

Among others, C4L has our eyes set on three of the featured bouts of the evening–first being Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira against Frank Mir. While Mir has delivered lackluster performances in the recent past, he proved he was back with a solid fight that resulted in a submission win over now-Heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar. With the winner of this fight set to meet Lesnar in his first title defense next year, C4L is foaming at the mouth over the prospects of a Mir/Lesnar rematch. Not to look past Nogueira’s formidable 31-4-1 record or his overall well-roundedness, but C4L feels that Mir is the better fighter, and barring some form of mental lapse or in-cage catastrophe, the better fighter will prevail.

Moving on to C4L’s second featured bout–Quinton “Rampage” Jackson against Wanderlei Silva. While most MMA pundits are labeling this fight as the one to watch of the evening, C4L has a rather different take on things. First, watching the first two fights between these two, Silva destroyed Jackson, not once, but both times. And not just threw him around the ring like Randy Couture teaching high school wrestling; I mean lit up Rampage. With that and Friday’s weigh-in shoving match fresh in both fighters’ minds, C4L predicts Rampage comes out overly aggressively and gets caught early by Silva. This won’t be the fight of the night, but it most likely will be the knockout of the night.

C4L’s final featured bout features Albuquerque-trained Rashad Evans fighting Forrest Griffin for the UFC Light-Heavyweight title. Evans is coming off of a career-making knockout of legend Chuck Liddell, and Griffin is making his first title defense since taking the belt from Quinton Jackson earlier this year. C4L likes both fighters in this fight; Evans for his broad appeal in the MMA world and his effectiveness as a striker, and Griffin for his resiliency and bruising fighting style. This fight will be the fight of the night. Griffin must protect his chin at all costs and not allow Evans to land one of his devastating right hands. Evans however, must focus on ending the fight in the early rounds. Griffin is known for his ability to endure savage beatings, only to turn the tables on his opponent once he has worn himself out. But, to counter Griffin’s training, Evans has enlisted world-renowned corner-man Greg Jackson of Jackson’s MMA. Jackson’s high-altitude training regimen, coupled with his knowledge of grappling and ground defense has, in C4L’s opinion, given Evans the edge he needed. C4L predicts an amazing display of striking and martial arts, resulting in Evans bringing the Heavyweight championship back to Jackson’s in Albuquerque.

UFC 92 Fighters Make Weight

Posted 9:45 p.m. MST, Dec. 26
The fight card below has been updated with official weights

Live UFC 92 weigh-in results:
Forrest Griffin (205) vs. Rashad Evans (203)
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (246) vs. Frank Mir (251)
CB Dollaway (186) vs. Mike Massenzio (184)
Wanderlei Silva (203) vs. Quinton Jackson (206)
Cheick Kongo (233) vs. Mustapha al Turk (237)
Yushin Okami (185) vs. Dean Lister (186)
Antoni Hardonk (246) vs. Mike Wessel (260)
Matt Hamill (205) vs. Reese Andy (206)
Ryo Chonan (171) vs. Brad Blackburn (170)
Dan Evensen (242) vs. Patrick Barry (233)

UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008 Fight Card

Saturday, Dec. 27, 8 p.m. MST
If you're in Albuquerque, NM, watch the event live at Buffalo Wild Wings, 9200 Montgomery Blvd. NE. That will also be the debut party for CagedforLIFE.com! Listed below are the top five fights of the night.

Forrest Griffin Vs. Rashad Evans
Forrest Griffin
6’ 3” (191 cm)
Forrest Griffin  Vs.  Rashad Evans
5’ 11” (180 cm)
Rashad Evans


Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Vs. Frank Mir
Antonio Rodrigo
6’ 1” (185 cm)
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
 Vs.  Frank Mir
6’ 1” (185 cm)
Frank Mir


CB Dollaway Vs. Mike Massenzio
CB Dollaway
6’ 2” (188 cm)
186 (84 kg)
CB Dollaway  Vs.  Mike Massenzio
6’ 2” (188 cm)
Mike Massenzio


Wanderlei Silva Vs. Quinton Jackson
Wanderlei Silva
5’ 11” (180 cm)
Wanderlei Silva
“The Axe
 Vs.  Quinton Jackson
6’ 1” (185 cm)
Quinton Jackson


Cheick Kongo Vs. Mustapha Al-Turk
Cheick Kongo
6’ 4” (193 cm)
Cheick Kongo  Vs.  Mustapha Al-Turk
Mustapha Al-Turk

Thanks to our sponsors for the party at Buffalo Wild Wings:

Buffalo Wild Wings 104.1 The Edge
Machi Sports & Entertainment
LA Boxing  Max Muscle

"GoodFellas" Live Results

Dec. 6, 2008, Albuquerque, NM

135 lbs Title Fight (Main Event) - Abel Cullum vs Brett Roller

R1 - Roller lands a front kick to Cullum, catches him off guard, the fight goes to the ground and Roller grabs a guillotine. Cullum stands up and slams Roller into the ground breaking it loose, the two wrestle and fight for position before they stand up, the two fighters clinch, and it quickly goes back to the ground, where Cullum grabs a rear naked and finishes the fight.

R1 - (1:47) Rear Naked Choke Winner: Abel Cullum

145 lbs Interim Title Fight (Co-Main Event) - Angelo Sanchez vs Tony Hervey

R1 - Hervey lands a head kick early in the round that sends Sanchez to the ground, Hervey rushes and delivers devastating lefts and rights. Sanchez manages to stay alive and pulls guard on Hervey the two spend a short time on the ground before the referee stands them up. Hervey gets poked in the left eye, but recovers Sanchez looks to have recovered from the head kick and throws a barrage of punches. The two scramble for position to finish the round.

Close round to call 10-9 Hervey**

R2 - Sanchez pushes Hervey to the cage and controls the clinch, Sanchez throws some foot stomps and the fight goes back to the center. The two throw wild and uncontrolled punches for some great toe to toe fury, before they go to the ground and Sanchez pulls guard. The two stand up just as the bell rings.

Mostly Uneventful 10-9 Sanchez**

R3 - The fighters clinch, and Hervey pushes Sanchez to the cage, they break free and Sanchez rocks Hervey with a solid right. Hervey looks for and obtains the clinch Sanchez breaks free, and lands some vicious knees to the head and body. The crowd erupts and Hervey lands a solid head kick, the fighters go to the ground and Sanchez pulls guard, after some time on the ground, the referee stands them up. Hervey quickly lands a left, as Sanchez throws a huge body kick that lands flush to the body to end the round.

Close Round 10-9 Sanchez**

R4 - Hervey slips and the crowd reacts, as Sanchez falls on top. Hervey sweeps Sanchez, and falls into guard, he stands and the referee brings Sanchez up. The to stand toe to toe but it again goes quickly to the ground. Sanchez stands it up, and throws knees that land on Hervey the two slit the gap and throw back and forth. They finish the round with sloppy and un-orthodox punches.

Hervey had two take downs to his credit.

Hervey 10-9**

R5 - The two scrap, and Hervey ends up in the guard of Sanchez, Hervey takes a hit to the throat and is given 15 seconds or so to recover, the two exchange blows again, but soon clinch. Hervey takes Sanchez down to the ground, and again falls into the guard of Sanchez .The two finish the round and the fight slugging, the crowd is on it’s feet, and it will go to the judges scorecard.

10-9 Sanchez**

R5 - Official Judge Tallies : 49-46 Hervey 48-47 Sanchez 48-47 Sanchez

Winner: Split Decision Angelo Sanchez

**Reflect the opinion of NewMexicoFIGHT.com, and do not represent the score of the official judges.

155 lbs Donald Sanchez vs Nathan Randal

R1 - Both fighters enter the cage in fury the two fighters feel each other out, Randal lands a few leg kicks then slips. Randal is now on the ground, and Sanchez falls into his guard Randal does a good job of avoiding too much damage from the guard. The two scramble on the ground for a while, but Sanchez stands up and looks to the referee to make Randal get off the ground, the ref doesn’t signal for Randal to get to his feet, and a now pumped up Sanchez starts throwing kicks to the downed Randal. The crowd is loud, and boos are aimed at the exhausted Randal, the ref now signals for him to get up, but he refuses. Referee calls a stop to the contest due to a verbal tapout.

R1- (4:41) Winner: Donald Sanchez

115 lbs Thricia Poovey vs Natasha Creger

The two clinch immediately and Creger finds herself mounted. Poovey manages to pull guard and sweeps Natasha over, the tables turn, and Poovey now takes the mounted position. Poovey locks in an arm bar and Creger does her best to hang in there, but is eventually forced to tap.

R1 - (1:43) Arm Bar Winner: Thricia Poovey

"That bit** is tough!!" Thricia Poovey

165 lbs Alberto Crane vs Brad Nordquist

The two engage in the center of the ring, and Alberto Crane looks to take Nordquist to the ground. Crane works his Jiu Jitsu skills, and after passing to find himself in Nordquist’s half guard, he quickly moves better his position and obtains a full mount. Nordquist falls into the full guard of Crane, Crane transitions to take Nordquist’s back, and secures the rear naked choke.

R1 - (1:19) Rear Naked Choke Winner: Alberto Crane

170 lbs Quinn Mulhern vs Mano Otero

The two engage in blows in the center of the cage. Mulhern shoots and takes Otero to the ground, and immediately grabs Otero’s back. Mulhern works the back throwing blows to the body of Otero, he transitions to the rear naked, but it takes a minute to lock it in. Otero stands up with Mulhern still on his back, he falls backwards to the ground while tapping out. Reminiscent of Frank Trigg Matt Hughes.

R1 - (1:55) Rear Naked Choke Winner: Quinn Mulhern

170 lbs Adam Oakey vs Carlos Lopez

Oakey Charges Lopez and they hit the ground hard. Oakey dominates the ground throwing hard and devastating punches, securing the back, and attempting an Americana that almost snaps Lopez’s arm. Oakey starts dropping bombs, and finishes the fight off in a barrage of punches the referee calls a stop to the contest.

R1- (1:38) Referee Stoppage/TKO Winner: Adam Oakey

155 lbs Mike Maestas vs Donnie Martinez

Maestas takes Martinez to the ground early, and immediately gets a full mount. Martinez manages to secure guard. Maestas works the ground and pound from inside of the guard. They get back to their feet, and Maestas immediately takes Martinez down slamming his head into the mat and securing his back. He flattens Martinez out and immediately locks in the rear naked.

R1- (2:47) Rear Naked Choke Winner: Maestas

170 lbs Eric Wong vs Ambert Teasyatwho

R1 - Tea engages first, and catches Wong early. Wong puts him in a Muay Thai clinch and utilizes dirty boxing. Wong keeps Tea against the fence, and delivers repetitive knees to the body Wong finishes the round by taking Tea to the ground, and obtains side control

R2 - Tea is finished and decides not to come out for the round./p>

Winner: Wong Verbal Forfeit

135 lbs Frank Baca vs David Valverde

R1- Baca caught Valverde with a left hook early in the round, then takes him to the ground Baca controlled the ground, and caught Valverde with an anaconda choke to end the fight.

R1 - (1:00) Anaconda Choke Winner: Baca

Hometown Hero Electrifies Albuquerque Convention Center

By Robert Casaus

Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Convention Center played host to a night of mixed martial arts action to a near sold out crowd November 1. Fight World 16 “International” included 13 bouts, featuring both amateur and professional fighters from around the globe.

The event also featured many New Mexico fighters, representing camps such as Team Chaotic from Alamagordo, Los Vatos fight team, and FIT NHB from downtown Albuquerque.

World title holder and WEC veteran Carlos Condit, who is a long time student of FIT NHB, attended to represent his clothing sponsor, Sinister Fight Wear, and he signed autographs for the crowd. Other well-known fighters such as Damacio Page and Tait Fletcher were also in the audience.

The UFC middleweight champion of the world, Anderson “the Spider” Silva, was also promised to be on hand to sign autographs, but the crowd was disappointed when they were informed in the latter part of the event that Silva couldn’t make it because of food poisoning.

“Anderson regrets that he couldn’t make it out tonight,” Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, told the crowd. “Unfortunately he has been ill with food poisoning for the past few days and wasn’t fit for travel. He wanted me to assure you guys that he will make it up to you, and he will be back in Albuquerque soon. In the meantime, he sent out a few of his fighters, and hopes that they give you guys a great show.”

Vitelmo Kubis Banderia, and Fabio Maldanado, who both represented team Anderson Silva and team Noguera out of Brazil, did pull out victories in the first round, but they did not seem to overly impress the crowd.

The main event between WEC veteran Coty “Ox” Wheeler and. Ryan Axtel was the fight the crowd had waited for, and when it was time the Convention Center became absolutely electric. Wheeler entered the floor in full Native American headdress and attire, to the tune of a live Native American group who played an amazing synchronized beat on a massive drum. The noise and cheers of the crowd were deafening as Wheeler danced around the outside of the cage as part of his “grand entrance.”

The opening bell rang, and the two fighters engaged each other immediately. Axtel seemed to be a very strong opponent, and at one point managed to put Wheeler on his back, and up against the cage. But with the roar of the crowd, Wheeler knew he couldn’t disappoint and began to do what he does best early in the fight. He tried to jump back to his feet, and when Axtel tried to slam him back down, he almost landed a flying triangle choke. The finishing arm bar came only a few seconds later, and when Axtel tapped the already electric crowd went insane.

Wheeler defeated Axtel in just 1:10 of the first round. Chants of “Ox, Ox, Ox,” could be heard across town, and Wheeler loved it.

“I don’t consider myself the best, but I’m a gamer,” Wheeler said to the crowd. “My entrance lasted longer than the fight,” he added jokingly. The crowd didn’t seem to mind and left the arena happy that their hometown hero got the victory.

UFC 90: Living Up To the Hype

By Robert Casaus

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) did it again Saturday, Oct. 25, by assembling some of the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world onto a single fight card for the whole world to watch.

UFC 90: Silva vs. Cote, lived up to the hype, with only a few disappointments. The televised card started with lightweight fury between Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk and Tyson Griffin. The battle lasted all three rounds, and delivered fifteen straight minutes of toe to toe action. It is rare to find a 155 pounder that can match the muscular definition or the sheer power of “The Muscle Shark,” but Griffin held his own and although he lost to Sherk via unanimous decision, there were plenty of exchanges that made Sherk understand that he was in a true brawl.

Next on the night was a battle between heavyweights Fabricio Werdum and Junior Dos Santos. This was Dos Santos’ first fight in the octagon, but he came highly rated from Brazil with a 6-1 record (five of those wins achieved via knockout). Despite the rumors and fight record of Dos Santos, nobody from the states was too familiar with him and automatically made him the underdog. Five knockouts on your record or not, far too many fighters have experienced the “octagon jitters” during their introductory fight and have suffered losses because of it.

The two came out swinging, and all attempts by Werdum to clinch were easily thrown off by Dos Santos. After a devastating leg kick, Dos Santos found himself in close enough range to throw a brutal uppercut, knocking Werdum unconscious and sending him to the mat. Dos Santos jumped on top of Werdum and landed five more powerful blows to the head of Werdum before the referee jumped in and stopped it. The fight made a bold statement that the heavyweight division is shaping up with some real power hitters.

The fight of the night undoubtedly went to welterweights Josh Koscheck, and Thiago Alves who put on a clinic of real MMA at its best. Thiago “Pitbull” Alves was originally set to fight Albuquerque’s own Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez (in what would have been Sanchez’s make it or break it fight), but after Sanchez suffered a rib injury in training, Koscheck stepped up to the plate, and he filled the void.

The fight looked grim early for Koscheck, when Alves connected with a hard left hook, that left Koscheck rocked. Alves took control of the situation, and followed with a fury of combinations. Koscheck surprisingly recovered and landed some good shots of his own. The round finished off with a series of leg kicks by both fighters. The second round displayed much more stand up action. Koscheck was forced to stand with Alves a lot more than he probably wanted to, due to Alves’ outstanding takedown defense. The progression in Koscheck’s stand up game however, was truly amazing. Alves landed many leg kicks to Koscheck’s left leg by the end of the second round, and it was apparent that Koscheck felt every one of them.

The third round was more of the same great “stand up and bang” action as the two rounds prior, this time with Alves focusing on the hard leg kicks to the left thigh of Koscheck.

Koscheck favored his left leg, but was dropped twice after taking continual brutal blows right above the knee. With only 90 seconds left in the round, Koscheck received a poke to the eye, and was allowed time to recover by the in house doctor. Koscheck took thirty seconds, and the fight resumed with an all out fury by both fighters. After the final bell rang, the fighters waited for the official results from the referee. All three judges scored the bout in favor of Alves.

The main event between Anderson “The Spider” Silva, and Patrick “The Predator” Cote, was the one bout of the evening that truly left me disappointed.

The middleweight division is the one division in the UFC that can truly use some work. Anderson Silva has dominated the division for far too long now, and his continuous wins have earned him the title of “the best pound for pound fighter in the world,” a title that in my opinion is a little premature. It may have been that endless “Silva Hype,” that was the cause of Silva’s arrogant and over the top antics in his bout against Cote. With Cote in orthodox fighting stance and ready to fight, Silva chose to dance around the octagon and put on what he thought was a show for the crowd. Cote issued a series of leg kicks toward Silva, and threw some short jabs before he switched stances to southpaw. Silva threw a leg kick that almost led to a Thai clinch, but Cote did a good job of escaping. The bell rang and ended an almost uneventful round.

The second round showed a little more aggression on Silva’s part, and looked a little more like a fight, although Silva maintained a small amount of showboating. The round was easily won by Silva although he was unable to finish his opponent.

Round three started with some UFC history, as Cote became the first fighter to take Silva past two rounds. Cote celebrated with a hard over-hand right followed by a snapping leg kick. Cote still looked fresh, in what may have been a five-round fight, but just 39 seconds into the third round, Cote’s right knee popped and he fell to the mat without any contact from Silva. The referee immediately stopped the fight and awarded a TKO victory to Silva.

It was the only true upset of the night, and even the over-confident Silva didn’t want it to end that way. So with that victory, the only question left is who in the UFC middleweight division will be next in line to try and take the Spider’s title?

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