to D.K. Hoopsters Basketball Co. LLC

Are you a leader in an organization that needs to raise money? Are you an aspiring basketball coach? Do you want to play organized basketball in a competitive but fun environment, or for your children to have that opportunity? If you answer "yes" to any of those questions, then D.K. Hoopsters Basketball Co. LLC is uniquely positioned to meet your needs.

We are a new company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that specializes in running basketball tournaments. We will run tournaments on our own, and we will run tournaments to help not-for-profit organizations raise money. The details about our tournaments for fundraisers are available in a PDF here. If your organization is interested in having your own basketball tournament, please let us know on our contact page, and we will come up with a plan that will work for you.

Founder and CEO Keefe Ricks believes that all of our children should be allowed to develop a love of basketball while also learning the value of sportsmanship. With this in mind, our company firmly believes that all parents and coaches play an important role in our programs, and that young athletes learn valuable lessons by watching the behaviors and attitudes of the adults who supervise their activities. We also recognize that sports are competitive by nature. Therefore, our company pledges to create a positive learning experience where our children learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship, while at the same time learning to play and respect the game.

D.K. Hoopsters' tournaments will give kids of all ages the opportunity to improve their half-court game and improve their fundamental skills in a safe environment that is competitive but friendly. Our tournaments also give parents who always wanted to coach a team an opportunity to gain experience in this area. We also give kids who feel they are not getting enough playing time in other leagues a chance to build their own team to assure everyone can play more. We believe “the more you play the better you get.”

Throughout the year we will provide a number of events that the whole family can be involved with to make the sport of basketball an enjoyable activity by:

  • Providing basketball tournaments in different formats (full court, 3 on 3, etc.) for all age groups.
  • Providing basketball camps for players of all ages.
  • Providing coaches' training for parents and others who have a desire to learn what it takes to coach a team.
  • Providing positive leadership for youth and teaching good sportsmanship.

Our Mission

D.K. Hoopsters Basketball Co. LLC will provide recreational basketball events in a safe, family-friendly setting throughout the state of New Mexico. We will give parents an opportunity to learn how to coach, and we will set up events so that all players get enough court time to improve their fundamental skills. Finally, we will give back to the community by helping worthy organizations in various ways.