2010 Lobos Basketball Golf Tournament

September 28, 2010

When the annual Lobos Basketball Golf Tournament needed a basketball at the third hole tee, D.K. Hoopsters was ready for the call with a newly padded portable goal. It might seem like an odd place for shooting hoops, but in this fun tournament there are some extracurricular events to help people with their scores, including a free throw shoot. Golfers took three free throws, and for each one they made they took one stroke off their golf score. D.K. Hoopsters CEO Keefe Ricks was there to record the action when UNM Lobos basketball coach Steve Alford and his group came to the third hole.

Shots from Steve Alford's golf tournament

New Mexico Youth Day

D.K. Hoopsters free tournament for kids draws 70 teams

New Mexico Youth Day 3 on 3 tournament

August 7, 2010

Saturday, August 7, was the date of the 4th Annual New Mexico Youth Day, an official state holiday for recognizing the achievements of youth in the state and a day for families to get together. Prime Time For the Kids, For the Kids is a non-profit organization that pushed for the creation of the holiday and runs a large free event for families each year on Youth Day.

A 3 on 3 basketball tournament has always been a big feature of Prime Time's annual event, and this year D.K. Hoopsters came in to run the full-day tournament for 70 teams. Girls and boys teams ranging from third grade through high school participated in a full day of basketball. The teams showed up in the main parking lot of Harrison Middle School at 8 a.m. and finished championship games late in the afternoon.

Camp students and coaches at A.J. Bramlett's basketball camp A.J. Bramlett and Keefe Ricks

A.J. Bramlett Basketball Camp

August 6, 2010

A.J. Bramlett held a 3-day basketball camp for kids August 6-8. D.K. Hoopsters came out with six portable goals to the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho to help out.

At left, Bramlett and D.K. Hoopsters CEO Keefe Ricks (center) stand with the poster for sponsor 101.7 Sports Radio. Buddy (left) and Alonzo are at the ends. In the foreground is a D.K. Hoopsters goal in its folded position.

Huge line at UNM backpack giveaway event
Thousands of people showed up for the backpack giveaway at University Stadium. How to keep so many people happy? With basketball, of course!

Lobo guard Gary Dairese

Lobo guard Gary Dairese (center) works on ball-handling skills with aspiring players.

D.K. Hoopsters helps entertain crowd at UNM

July 24, 2010

APS and UNM teamed up to give away several thousand backpacks at University Stadium. After going through a huge line, kids had the chance to play in the soccer stadium next door and meet some Lobos.

D.K. Hoopsters was there with three goals of different heights for kids and Lobos to shoot. Lobo basketball players had a blast doing a slam dunk exhibition (using the nine-foot goal).

Danny Granger CEO Keefe Ricks At left, Danny Granger with Aleia and Amia Younger, who are holding the event poster for this year's New Mexico Youth Day. At right, current UNM Lobo basketball players Gary Dairese and A.J. Hardeman, with D.K. Hoopsters CEO Keefe Ricks in the middle with two of his grandchildren, Aleia and Amia.

Danny Granger returns for camp

June 6, 2010

Former Lobos basketball player Danny Granger, who is now a top star for the Indiana Pacers in the NBA, has a tradition of running a basketball camp for kids in Albuquerque each summer. This year D.K. Hoopsters was excited to help out by providing seven goals for outdoor play.

D.K. Hoopsters CEO Keefe Ricks had a chance to visit with Granger and current players who were also at the camp.

D.K. Hoopsters helps Steve Alford camps

Coach Steve Alford, second from left, with D.K. Hoopsters staff members Donald and Jonathan, and at right Keefe Ricks, CEO of D.K. Hoopsters Basketball Co.

June 6, 2010

D.K. Hoopsters Basketball Co. was proud to help out UNM Basketball Coach Steve Alford at two camps for boys during the first week of June. D.K. Hoopsters provided outdoor goals and equipment setup so large groups could practice in the parking lot while others practiced in the Rudy Davalos Basketball Center.

Coach Alford and several other coaches taught players in grades 1-12 during two camps. The Boys' Individual Skills Camp ran June 1-4, and the Shooting Camp was on June 5.

We are passionate about giving back to the community, and we love the Lobos. We look forward to helping out UNM and other organizations in the community on a regular basis in the future.

Read more about Coach Alford at his Web site by clicking here.

D.K. Hoopsters set up 12 goals in the parking lot of the Rudy Davalos Basketball Center, which is south of the Pit.

A morning session under way at the Boys Individual Skills Camp.

D.K. Hoopsters Basketball

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