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National Youth Day Holiday

Our Purpose

Prime Time For the Kids was founded in 2000 with the overall purpose of supporting children and youth in New Mexico. In today's society, young people hear too often about the bad things they've done and not enough about how they're appreciated and recognized for the good things they do. Over the years we have sponsored many events for youth and families, and in 2007 we established an official Youth Day holiday in New Mexico on the first Saturday in August. Now we have our sights set on a national holiday for youth, and we're working with New Mexico Congressmen to get a bill passed in Congress.

New Goals, New Hope

The election of Barack Obama to the presidency as well as new members of Congress from New Mexico gives us new hope for achieving our long-term goal of a national Youth Day Holiday. Polling data shows Democrats in general, and Obama especially, turned out the young adult vote more successfully than anyone has in decades. And the reaction from youth too young to vote, while hard to measure scientifically, certainly appeared to follow the same pattern. Democrats owe a debt to young voters, and it should be obvious to them that rising young voters tend to favor them and are likely to vote for them when they can.

In this atmosphere, it's hard to imagine the new leadership in Washington would be opposed to the idea of a national Youth Day holiday. It will be an easy way for our elected leaders to show they care about young people, and it won't cost the taxpayers anything.

Another positive development from the election is that the Albuquerque area elected a new Congressman, Martin Heinrich. He has been involved in city government for several years. Since our New Mexico Youth Day movement began with a proclamation by the city of Albuquerque, civic pride should make him willing to help us out on Capitol Hill.