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Our Mission

Prime Time’s mission is to encourage youth to stay in school, exhibit positive behavior, and to participate in social and cultural activities. The program is designed to empower our youth to plan their official state holiday, by using all the resources that are available in their communities, which will help them build self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Prime Time and the New Mexico Youth Day is to provide the citizens of New Mexico the opportunity to honor and acknowledge all New Mexican youth for their academic and community achievements over the past academic year. The wide range of activities Prime Time is offering this year will be educational, enjoyable, and exciting. On New Mexico Youth Day, Prime Time encourages every community and neighborhood association, educational facility, youth organization, business, and house of worship to assist in the celebration of our tremendous New Mexican youth population. We need to constantly remind our young people that they are important, that they truly matter, and that they can reach their goals and dreams in life. Most importantly, we need to provide activities where children and adults can spend quality time together.

Kids celebrating

Our Vision

Prime Time’s vision is that the whole nation will celebrate an official Youth Day holiday, a day to celebrate the successes of our young citizens. We are proposing that the first Saturday in August of each year be known as “NATIONAL YOUTH DAY”.